The survey results are available, but you can still fill it out if you like.

How long have you been using Clojure?

For what do you use Leiningen? (pick as many as apply)

Do you deploy jars?

When did you start using Leiningen?

Your OS and package manager(s)

How do you install Leiningen

Paste your results: history | grep "lein " | awk '{print $3}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | egrep -v "^ +1"

Which Leiningen features do you use?

Favourite plugins? (comma-separated)

Rank your biggest annoyances: (higher is worse)

  • Startup time
  • Difficulty finding dependencies
  • Not enough plugins
  • Leiningen's own end-user docs
  • Docs on extending Leiningen or writing plugins
  • ClojureScript integration

Do you have custom tasks you haven't published as a plugin?

Did you know if you have a single patch accepted you can ask for commit rights and a sticker?

Other comments?